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We specialize in leadership coaching to improve the effectiveness of leaders in for profit and non-profit organizations.

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Client Focus Areas

  • Preparing for the next level
  • Addressing leadership gaps
  • Fine tuning their leadership presence
  • Wanting to bring joy back into managing others

The Results


Coached an experienced manager to significantly improve his leadership presence with his team, manager, and peers.

Communication Style

Coached a business owner to identify and change patterns in communication with a business partner that were limiting collaboration and innovation in the firm.

Conflict Management

Coached an individual contributor to view and manage conflict with manager productively with less stress.

Client Testimonials

I’m thinking about my role as a leader in a whole new light.  I didn’t really enjoy managing others — but I do now and I’m better at it.

- Client, First Line Manager

“Greeting me with patience, honesty, support, and wisdom, Jahnavi helped me begin to truly see myself and my potential. Week after week she moved me from lost and confused to clarity and ease. Her presence, intellect, and willingness to challenge me has kept me growing through what feels like concrete! I can now say that my life is taking a new turn, and my future thrills me. Thank you, Jahnavi, I am eternally grateful to have you as my coach!”

Kelsey C.

Boulder CO

“While the assessment itself provides insights on strengths and areas for growth, it was the experience of walking through the details with Jahnavi that proved to make all the difference. She is inquisitive and intuitive, and her questioning gets to the heart of broadening awareness and perspective. I walked away from our conversation with some actions attuned to my own specific growth goals. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work directly with Jahnavi as I continue this journey of self-awareness building and insight development.”

Anita D.

Trimble Corporation

The Coaching Engagement Process


  • Meet with sponsor / HR leader (optional)
  • Meet with client
  • Clarify what coaching is & isn’t
  • Co-creation of coaching engagement


  • Discovery Session
  • Assessments and debriefs
  • 360 survey and stakeholder interviews 
  • Coaching 
  • Action & Reflection
  • Feedback 


  • Assessment of progress
  • Reflection on useful coaching techniques 
  • Assessment of impact of coaching engagement & ROI 


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What is coaching?

Coaching is a highly customized, personalized development experience that delivers results quickly.  Coaching is a reflective process — the coach asks the client questions about the situation and the client’s beliefs, emotions, and actions.    Coaches raise awareness and responsibility within a client to help them get the results they desire.  Coaches don’t give clients answers, we believe the client is fully capable of finding the answer.    

Why is coaching effective?

Coaching is effective because we go deeper than simply identifying new skills or tactics the client could use.  We will uncover deeply held beliefs and assumptions that drive the client’s current behavior.   With new awareness of what’s driving their behavior, coaching clients are able to make conscious choices of how they want to show up as a leader or colleague.  This deeper work enables coaching clients to close the “knowing-doing” gap.   This is the gap between “knowing” a skill or tactic and actually “doing” it in a way that is authentic and effective.

Is coaching the right solution?

Coaching can be the right solution if the client is engaged, the coach is qualified, and if present, the sponsor is supportive.     

Coaching takes time.   Coaching engagements are typically 6 months or longer. Client and coach usually meet 3-4 times during the first few months of the engagement, tapering to 2-3 times a month as the engagement continues.   Clients will spend time after coaching sessions planning, taking action (experimenting!), and reflecting — with the intent of achieving new and different results.  

Key Elements for an Effective Coaching Engagement

Engaged Client

  • Willing to examine own thoughts, emotions, actions
  • Open to trying new behaviors
  • Curious about self and others
  • Strong desire to different results
  • Able to ask for support

Qualified Coach

  • ICF Certified
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence
  • Partners with client to achieve goals
  • Listens & reflects to the client
  • Asks powerful questions
  • Supports and stretches client for growth

Supportive Sponsor

  • Present & accessible
  • Tells the truth
  • Willing to see client differently
  • Supports change in the client
  • Willing to change own behavior
  • Respects confidentiality between coach and client

Core Energy Coaching

As an iPEC trained coaches, we apply the Core Energy Coaching™ methodology.  This coaching methodology is focused on getting to the core of an individual’s challenges by identifying their energy in a given situation and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block a client’s success.  This approach supports sustained change in the client as the underlying motivators of behavior are uncovered and closely examined to determine if and how they support the client’s desired outcomes.


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment, is a proprietary, research-backed tool that analyzes and gives a detailed breakdown of a person’s energetic profile, the amount of each type of energy a person experiences under normal circumstances and also under stress.  The client and coach will discuss the client’s natural energetic presence.  Through coaching, the client will raise awareness of their energy level(s) and understand how to shift their energy to different levels, creating desired successful outcomes.

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