Talent & Culture Consulting

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Our Approach

We spend time to understand the culture of the organization, business strategy, and goals, and then design solutions that pull from the most current thinking in areas of leadership, culture, and engagement.

In all consulting projects, we partner with you to understand your needs and create a customized proposal to achieve your desired outcomes.

You will get the collaboration you want from a trusted HR partner, and the independence you need from an experienced consultant.

Talent Strategy

  • Assessment & Alignment or Development of talent strategy to deliver business strategy 
  • Competency model development, Performance management, succession planning, leadership development, learning and development, employee onboarding

Employee Engagement

  • Engagement surveys
  • 1-1 interviews, focus groups 
  • Guide leaders and employees in taking action

Learning & Development

  • Comprehensive L&D strategy 
  • Gap analysis of current programming
  • Recommendations on Build/Buy options
Cultural Transformation
  • Inclusion & Belonging
  • Innovation, Collaboration, Feedback-Rich, Continuous Improvement, High-Performing Teams
  • Phased roadmap for cultural transformation
Organizational Design
  • Assessment of current design to deliver business results
  • Gap identification
  • Support organization’s leadership with change leadership and management practices

Client Testimonials

“Working with her our firm grew, and now things are finally shaping up where actions are producing results, and the business is finally heading in the right direction. I have so much more freedom than before. Workflow and workload are better, I’m more engaged, and the numbers prove it. I wanted the freedom of being a business owner. I got that. Jahnavi is awesome. Enough said.”

Mikel S.

Partner, A4A Accounting, SPC

“Greeting me with patience, honesty, support, and wisdom, Jahnavi helped me begin to truly see myself and my potential. Week after week she moved me from lost and confused to clarity and ease. Her presence, intellect, and willingness to challenge me has kept me growing through what feels like concrete! I can now say that my life is taking a new turn, and my future thrills me. Thank you, Jahnavi, I am eternally grateful to have you as my coach!”

Kelsey C.

Boulder CO

“While the assessment itself provides insights on strengths and areas for growth, it was the experience of walking through the details with Jahnavi that proved to make all the difference. She is inquisitive and intuitive, and her questioning gets to the heart of broadening awareness and perspective. I walked away from our conversation with some actions attuned to my own specific growth goals. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work directly with Jahnavi as I continue this journey of self-awareness building and insight development.”

Anita D.

Trimble Corporation


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